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It's discouraging to know that people really still don't understand vinyl fencing. People just don't see it as a quality horse fence.   And people don't see the variety that comes behind vinyl fence. They think vinyl fence is just weak material that comes in one style and one color - white.

Vinyl Horse Fencing is High Quality

Vinyl fence is no longer a cheap looking, weak product. Vinyl fencing is actually one of the highest quality, durable horse fence products available today, due to advancements in horse fencetechnology and material design. Vinyl horse fence now comes in a multitude of railing options such as 2 rail, 3 rail, 4 rail, 5 rail and crossbuck. And the variety doesn't stop there; you can now purchase your horse fence by fence styles, such as the classic wood look, the new tuff-stuff horse fence and the big rail which is great for cows and horses. To make it even better, you get to choose your rail, fence style and color. You end up getting something that is made to your liking; and it's extremely durable and adds appeal to your ranch.




Can the Right Fence Make Your Property Beautiful?

Many people believe that fence is for safety, security, and animal containment, which is definitely true. But, I must say that I have seen some incredible landscapes where the fence adds to the beauty of the property and, believe it or not, vinyl fence or high density fence have some of the best styles and colors available. Take a look at some of tcalifornia 8hese incredible landscapes across the country and the use of new high density fence colors and styles from a premier manufacturer, Tuff-Stuff.

Fence Properties from Around the Nation

Here to the right is a property in California with a unique Wood Grain Texture high density fence in a deep, rich burgundy color that adds some contrast to the rich green and red elements of the landscape. Likely, this fence will last generations for this property owner and no maintenance or replacement will ever be needed. Not only is this a beautiful vinyl fence, but also it is a cost saver!

Fence Styles MichiganHere is another incredible landscape in Michigan to the left with a fence that has a deep violet hue to match the trim of the home on the hill. Imagine how difficult this would have been to achieve with wood and how many times you would have to paint it or repair it over a lifetime. This fence looks intriguing and adds a unique beauty to the landscape of this property.



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